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Driver C+E

Вид договор
60.0 / Week
  • English - B1
Начална дата
Заплата (netto)

Job description

We are looking for flexible and highly motivated drivers with license CE. Our client is a big player in distribution, has around 2000 employees and 400 trucks. They are specialised in the distribution of food and retail products. Job position includes:
- Driving through city centers and maneuvering constantly with traffic around you.
- Drive with truck to loading dock. In some occasions there is no loading dock, then you will be required to work with a loading ramp and a forklift.
- Often the planners can be a bit short with drivers and you need to be able to express your issues and stand your ground. 
- Be flexible and motivated to work lots of hours, you will be sleeping in the truck (away from home, on the road) 2 to 3 nights per week. 

Offer and benefits

- Salary 2430 € net / month (60 working hours/ week) + 5,58 € meal voucher /day
- Permanent contract with Belgian company (3 months trial period)
- Accommodation provided by company, paid by candidate (90 -100€/week)
- Possibility to work during weekend
- Help with registrations and bank accounts


- Excellent driving skills
- Good knowledge of English language
- 5 years of experience with similar work (loading and unloading trucks, deliveries to supermarkets, driving in busy city centers)
- Flexibility
- Responsibility
- Great communicative skills
- Available driving license CE and COD 95
- Reference letters
- Upon arrival there will be a test to evaluate your driving and maneuvering skills, if you don’t succeed, you cannot start the job. 
- You need your own transportation – a car! The truck can never be taken home.


In case of interest please send the following: 
- Detailed CV in English 
- Photo (ideally at work) 
- All certificates related work experiences 
- Letters of reference from previous employers for recent years


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