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11.10.2021 / Uncategorized @bg

News from 11.10.2021

Hello everyone, Pandemic situation brought us challenging situation, which takes us to the choices that you did not want to make. Do you love working in hospitality or as a welder, but you are not sure if is it a right choice for you? Finland is one of the leading…

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28.9.2021 / News

News from 28.9.2021

Dear all, No English? No problem! Most of you already know that our company is working on daily basis on new improvements and new job opportunities for all of you. In previous emails we presented you several options for construction, industrial, automotive workers and many others. Have you applied for…

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13.9.2021 / News

News from 13.9.2021

Dear all, As you already know DK Recruitment Services has mostly positions for men. However, as we are always trying to improve our services and options for you, we are happy to present you our new offer for women this time. If you have someone, a wife or a relative…

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9.9.2021 / News

News from 9.9.2021

Hello from DK Recruitment Services. Autumn is slowly coming as well as new job opportunities in the construction field. We are happy to inform you that our Dutch clients are looking for Shuttering carpenters who can immediately start working on projects all over The Netherlands. Presently we have several long-term…

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7.9.2021 / Covid-19

The situation with Covid

The situation with Covid-19 is changing from day to day and it´s very important to be updated about current restrictions and measures. However, despite the difficult times, the job opportunities are expanding, and we would like to guide you on the way to your new job. Many of us are…

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18.8.2021 / News

News from 18.8.2021

One of our Belgian clients has interesting vacancies for all motivated candidates who would like to work in Belgium in logistics. Currently we have various job opportunities in warehouses all over Belgium such as – order picker, warehouse worker, forklift driver and reach truck driver. The scope of work depends…

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28.7.2021 / News

News from 28.7.2021

We have limited summer offers from several clients who are looking for professional workers like you in various fields: Industrial (utility-construction electricians, industrial electricians, ship electricians, panel builders) Construction (shuttering carpenters, window fitters, plasterboard fitters, scaffolders) Automotive (car sanding workers, car painters, panel beaters, car mechanics) Gastronomy (cooks, waiters/waitresses) For…

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23.6.2021 / News

News from 23.6.2021

Norway and Ireland are northern countries, so in case you prefer colder weather we are offering you good solution. In these countries we are looking for: Carpenters Concrete carpenters - helpers Plumbers Tilers Automotive position (panel beaters, car painters, sprayers and car, bus or truck mechanics) Please check out all…

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8.6.2021 / News

News from 8.6.2021

For the coming weeks we are urgently looking for: All kind of electricians (industrial, ship, building and panel builder) All kind of construction workers such as carpenters, painters, plasterers, tilers, bricklayers, plasterboard fitters, concrete workers, roofers, steel facade fitters, window fitters and window assemblers Plumbers, pipe fitters and welders C &…

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