Freelance recruiters

Welcome to DK Recruitment Services,
we are glad that you are interested in a co-operation with us. Below you can find some detailed information about the recruitment process what we expect from our external recruitment partners. The co-operation is divided into phases, the best freelance recruiters will be promoted and rewarded therefore your recruitment career can start with us.


  • Long-term co-operation with freelance recruiters
  • Continuity of projects and job offers, candidates can be presented on a daily basis (part-time / full-time)
  • Reliable, verified and strong partner clients, employment agencies and direct employers in different countries with over 400 employees each.
  • 70+ companies as customers / partners of DK Recruitment Services
  • Over 10 countries to recruit for such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark
  • DK RECRUITMENT is a reliable and recognized international recruitment agency with a long history, over 16 years.
  • Verified recruitment process with experienced internal recruiters


  • Motivated, independent, reliable hard-working and honest individuals
  • Good communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Willing to go an extra mile for the candidate and the client
  • Good overview of the current job market
  • Problem solving skills
  • Willingness to learn new things and procedures
  • Some marketing and computer skills
  • Familiarity with job boards, social media and computer systems designed specifically for HR
  • Responsibility to represent DK Recruitment Services visions & values

Phase I

In the beginning of our co-operation DKRS expects the freelance recruiter to work on the selected projects / job offers. The external recruiter is expected in the first phase:

  • Properly inform all potential candidates about the job offer
  • After the candidates agree with all conditions a detailed CV inc. all relevant certificates, diplomas, references should be sent to DKRS
  • All available job offers for freelance recruiters can be found below (after scrolling down)
  • The candidates and his/her files should be uploaded on the following link:
    Upload new candidate
    (In the message field please indicate your name as a recruiter)
  • All CVs must contain the following: GDPR consent clause
    ,, I hereby give consent for my personal data included in the application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).,,
  • DKRS will screen the candidates and a short phone call will be made to check if all information where transmitted to the candidates properly. This will be done ASAP after presenting candidates
  • If DKRS consider the candidates as a right match, the candidate will be presented to our clients. DKRS is doing its best to get all feedbacks from its clients ASAP
  • If the candidate is approved by the client, the candidates will receive a job contract a/o an employment confirmation letter
  • As soon as the candidate starts, the freelance recruiter is informed about it
  • The recruitment fee is specified below in the Remuneration section
  • If the candidate will not start for some reason and there is still a possibility of placing the candidate, the freelance recruiter should keep in touch with the candidate and present again when the candidate is available
  • The freelance recruiter should keep in touch with the candidates on a regular basis to make sure that the candidate is happy in his/her employment
  • All operational questions about the projects and other information should be sent to

Phase II

The condition to come to a phase II co-operation is to have 85 candidates placed within one year. If this is reached, the freelance recruiter is entitled to get a fixed monthly remuneration of 500 EUR. This can be invoiced on a monthly bases. The freelance recruiter continues to invoice for the recruited staff the same as in the Phase I.
The external recruiter is expected in the second phase:

  • All the abovementioned points in phase I
  • All the candidates must be properly interviewed by the freelance recruiter and ready to present to our clients without checking the presented profiles, DKRS should rely on the information provided by the freelance recruiter
  • Access to DKRS online recruitment application – all information needs to be transmitted to the system. (A short training will be given including a user manual)
  • The freelance recruiter is expected to place min. 10 candidates / month in average in phase II and his/her recruitment performance is monitored.

Phase III

Phase III is about a full-time employment contract with all its benefits for those who performed well and DK Recruitment Services wish to have the freelance recruiter in its internal team. This will be discussed individually with the selected freelance recruiters after they prove their recruitment skills and performance.



The regular recruitment fee is 300 EUR per person divided into 3 payments.

- 1. payment of 100 EUR after 160h worked be the recruiter's candidate
- 2. payment of 100 EUR after 700h worked by the recruiter's candidate
- 3. payment of 100 EUR after 1000h worked by the recruiter's candidates


The one-time fee is 75 EUR / candidate paid within 44 days since the candidate started.

Co-operation agreement

Here you can find your co-operation agreement

Please fill out all necessary details and return your signed agreement.


Here are the positions open for freelance recruiters

Industrial, ship electricians, panel builders, E&I technicians
Location: Netherlands
Start date: ASAP
Working time: 173 hrs / month
Language: English - B1
Bus driver

Bus driver

3000 € / month (netto)

Show Job Offer »

Location: Netherlands
Start date: ASAP
Working time: 40 hrs / week
Language: English - A2
Pipe welders and pipe fitters
Location: Netherlands
Start date: ASAP
Working time: 50 hrs / week
Language: English - B1 or German - B1